Wildlife Summary: GDT Section B

This is my final summary of wildlife in Section B. We saw some interesting wildlife in Section A as well but didn’t think to summarize it earlier. I’ve put some highlights from Section A in this post as well.

Please be kind; I’m not an expert. We also struggled to get photos in time so you will have to believe me for many of these! Of course we focused on being safe. With the moose they just sprinted in front of us and cut across the road. We gave them space and they moved on.

  • Four moose (two pairs of cow and calf)
  • Over 10 rabbits (six in one day!)
  • Countless ground squirrels
  • One frog
  • Three toads
  • One snake
  • Several grouse, but not as many as in Section A
  • Many interesting birds that we cannot identify!
  • Some animal remains – vertebrae, antlers, large bone
  • One hummingbird at our campsite in Elk Lakes

Large bones; they seem to fit together!

If you look very closely you can see two moose as they cut across the road

One of our many rabbit sightings

Antlers found along the trail. Feet for size.

In Section A, my highlights for wildlife were:

  • One grouse with her baby chicks – one chick ran down the trail! Poor thing.
  • One really beautiful bird that I could not identify. Large like a chicken, black with red feathers on the side of it’s neck and head
  • A couple predatory birds, looked like Hawks
  • So. Many. Squirrels.
  • Several large marmots

No bears yet. I’m hoping my horrible singing will be a good enough deterrent!

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