Day 21 – Back into civilization

GDT kms: 20 + 1.2 on Sunshine Village alternate

We got out of Og Lake nice and early and enjoyed the rolling hills before we started climbing up to Citadel Pass. The pass wasn’t too hard, but was definitely a bit more sloggy than I would have preferred.

We reached Howard Douglas Lake a bit before lunchtime and decided to keep going and get lunch when we reached Sunshine Village as it wasn’t too far ahead. As we got closer to Sunshine Village, the trail progressively turned into a smooth gravel path.

At the ski hill, we were delighted to find nachos, chicken wings and wifi. We were less delighted when went to leave and discovered our options for getting to Banff were a 5 km walk down a road or a $30 bus ride (this was the “discounted” one-way ticket too). We opted for the bus ride as we were pretty done with roadwalking unless we were obligated to as part of the trail.

We then made our way to Banff and our very expensive hotel that would be our home for the next few days and settled in for the night after showers and dinner.

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