Day 22 and 23 – Highly unrecommended double zero in Banff

GDT kms: 0️⃣

We had planned for one zero day in Banff, but we ended up taking two as we got to Banff a day ahead of schedule and we wanted to try and stick to our permit dates if possible. I’d definitely not recommend doing this.

Banff is absurdly expensive – as someone who lives in a city that has tourist-trappy areas and a tourist-trappy ski town nearby, I thought I understood expensive, but I definitely didn’t.

If you need to replace or repair gear, Banff is a worthwhile stop, as there are plenty of well-stocked outdoor stores. If you have a connection/someone to stay with it might also be worth it. Otherwise I suspect you’ll be like us and spend way too much time watching bad reality television in your too expensive hotel room, spend way too much money eating dinner at restaurants, and get very frustrated with all the tourists who don’t seem to understand how to walk on busy sidewalks.

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