Day 29 – It’s not a hike until you go through the carwash

GDT kms: 33.9

Today started off with a lovely carwash alongside the Amiskwi thanks to the rain during the night. For anyone that hasn’t had to walk down an overgrown trail with wet vegetation aka a carwash, it’s definitely not an experience I’d recommend. It’s worse than simply hiking in the rain as the water comes at you from every direction and hiking faster likely won’t make you warm up, it will just make you get wet faster.

This section of trail included other highlights such as a trail sign with completely incorrect distances, a disappearing trail, multiple river fords to get our feet thoroughly wet, and an actual highlight of meeting the very rare breed of GDT southbounder. The disappearing trail also meant there were several parts where it was easier to just walk in the river than on the bank.

On the ascent up to Amiskwi Pass, we finally found decent single track again, only to lose it when it put us on the road we would walk for the rest of today. We were socked in with clouds, so the views we were supposed to get on the way down the road were very limited. Just as our feet had finally dried off from the fords of the morning, it started to rain with an annoying frequency of stopping just long enough for me to take off my rain gear and then promptly starting up again.

After a monotonous day, we were happy to reach camp and see Arisa there already. We all ate dinner and then tucked into bed for another long and likely wet day tomorrow.

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