Day 38 – Does 19km count as a nero?

GDT kms: 19.2

It rained most of last night and the ash and debris from the night before was all washed off to our delight! It was a very misty, foggy morning though as our campsite appeared to be situated in the middle of a cloud, definitely a good day to walk into town.

We made our way off the Skyline Trail and quickly discovered the trail the official route was supposed to follow was closed due to bear activity. After a bit of meandering and confusion with the plate of spaghetti that is the trails in this area, we opted for #13, the Bighorn Trail, which would take us directly into Jasper with minimal walking on paved surfaces.

We got into town around 11am – way too early to check in to our hotel, but they let us store our bags and we went off to find lunch. After lunch, we checked in, showered and did laundry and wandered around the many outdoor stores looking for toe socks as Kyle’s new socks had developed a hole after the first time he wore them šŸ˜¢ It seems nowhere in town carries them, so he’ll have to decide if it’s better to try to repair them or get a new pair of non-toe socks tomorrow.

Tomorrow we’ll pick up our final resupply boxes and finish running errands and patching torn clothing – maybe even catch a movie, the theatre is showing Mamma Mia and Mission Impossible!

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