Day 39 – Delightful zero in Jasper

GDT kms: 0️⃣

We found a cute cafe to eat breakfast at and then we lazed around in our hotel room until 11am when we needed to check out (we had to book two places as nothing was available for two nights).

We then set up camp in the park to sort through our resupply and dry out our gear.

Soon enough we were done, so we wandered over to the hostel to see if we could check in. It was too early to check in, but we were able to drop off our bags.

We wandered around all the outdoor stores in town for a while looking for a stuff sack we could hang our extra food in for the first few days and then went grocery shopping for dinner and the last few food items we wanted to bring.

On our way back to the hostel, we checked out the park gift shop and spent way too much money on pretty cards. The post office had a surprisingly long lineup, so by the time we had mailed our goodies home, it was time to check-in.

Tonight the plan is to try to tuck ourselves into bed early so we are fully rested for the long roadwalk tomorrow.

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